Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment is aimed at reducing anxiety symptoms and improving overall quality of life. As a therapist in Rockland County, NY, I provide anxiety therapy for young adult and adult women. All services are individualized and personalized to address your specific needs. 

Anxiety Services

Anxiety Treatment Targets Symptoms

There are various types of anxiety and all are distinguished by a set of symptoms. For example, in generalized anxiety disorder, the most common symptoms include excessive worrying, feeling tired, poor concentration, and sleep disturbance.

In social anxiety disorder, the main focus is around fear of social interactions. This often causes a person to avoid social experiences and performance related experiences. 

In panic disorder, a person has unexpected and frequent panic attacks. A panic attack has its own set of symptoms including many that are primarily physical. For example, accelerated heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating, feelings of being out of control.

These symptoms can be both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Many people with panic attacks fear when the next panic attack will happen and may change their routines to avoid them.

Though these are some of the types of anxiety and symptoms, it is not an all-inclusive list. You may experience some or none of these symptoms at the time of seeking therapy. Only you know what you feel.

Sharing your experiences and symptoms in therapy will help to determine the best options to get you on the path to wellness. We will discover if you have anxiety or if something else is causing your distress. 

When Do I Need Anxiety Treatment?

Anxiety symptoms range in frequency, intensity, and duration. For example, mild symptoms that are infrequent and go away on their own may not always need anxiety treatment. If it is manageable and doesn’t interfere with your day, you may not need therapy. 

Some anxiety is normal and a necessary part of life. In this case, you most likely don’t need therapy or can benefit from brief, short-term counseling and experience improvement.

However, many people with anxiety often experience stress, discomfort, and emotional pain. It is important to seek support and not ignore signs that you aren’t feeling well. 

It is time to seek help for anxiety when it becomes uncomfortable and the symptoms interfere with daily life. The anxiety affects how you feel, your behaviors, and impacts your relationships, social life, or work life.

Some things to look out for when deciding to seek anxiety services are:

  • Change in habits or behaviors: sleep difficulty, ability to concentrate, avoidance
  • Physical symptoms: restlessness, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, appetite change
  • Emotions or mood: feeling on edge, trouble relaxing and controlling worrying, overthinking, irritability

Signs of stress and overwhelm are also related to anxiety. Learning to manage and control stress will go a long way with reducing symptoms. Therapy can help to address some of these common issues.

What Is Anxiety Treatment Like?

Anxiety treatment may be different for each person and depends on the symptoms you are experiencing as well as your own life history and current situation. In general, we collaborate together to reduce your suffering and to help you find joy. 

We will meet for individual counseling sessions that are 50 minutes in length and aimed to get you feeling better. As each person is unique, individual therapy for anxiety focuses on your specific needs.

I am able to assist in a variety of ways and use various methods of counseling to help you arrive at your personal and mental health goals. Whatever the initial reasons you are seeking counseling, you can reach out to me and we can begin to work on healing.

Start Anxiety Treatment With a Therapist in Rockland County, NY

Starting therapy for anxiety is a great way to invest in yourself and your wellbeing. You may be searching for self-understanding as well as a way to reduce anxiety and stress. I offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation so that you can ask questions and see if we are a good fit.